Turnaround Programs as Opportunity


Typically, turnaround programs relate to cost cutting and streamlined product and services portfolios that lead to shrinking profits. But turnaround programs can offer opportunities to adjust or reinvent your business model as well.

Usually, selected levers determine turnaround programs

The focus of most turnaround programs is to bring down short-term costs and regain maneuvering space. In most cases, this leads to an unbalanced turnaround program with high restructuring costs.

Balancing needs and opportunities is key

Companies struggle to define a concept that equally ensures financial restructuring and addresses future growth opportunities. Stakeholder interests are often not adequately managed and prevent rapid implementation.

What should a well-balanced turnaround program look like?

The framework for an optimized turnaround program should balance targets and levers:

  • For all functions
  • For all types of cost
  • For all products and services
  • For all customers and suppliers

Our answer is our proven approach

Tsetinis Consulting’s turnaround management model combines four strategic areas, as well as stakeholder and HR management embedded in the legal framework. Early involvement of all stakeholders in the legal framework is a must to gain speed and safeguard realization.

Turnaround Management Model combines four strategic areas as well as stakeholder and HR management


What we delivered

We helped our client attain 800 million euros in profit after a 24-month turnaround program, by:

  • Adjusting functional targets 
  • Increasing material cost targets
  • Balancing HC measures and restructuring costs
  • Improving efficiency
  • Optimizing product and service portfolio

Turnaround Management program result: Our client achieved a profit of 800 million euros after 24 months


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