Realizing the automotive factory of the future


An internationally operating OEM in the premium automotive sector intends to build its first assembly plant in accordance with the latest Industry 4.0 standards. As a global pilot project, the plant will also be realized on an empty site under the aspects of existing best practices and the Greenfield approach.

A new way of thinking

An integral part of the project – a blueprint for a 360° connectivity of supply chains as well as the digitalization of modern production processes – is to be developed. The blueprint should also be applicable to future car assembly plants.


Up to this point, there have been isolated technology trials in individual plants – but no extensive networking of several technologies in the production environment.

This is how the challenge was addressed

  • Building IoT capability
  • Applying flexible AGVs
  • Networking assembly lines and conveyor technology
  • Installing an intelligent and automated picking system that loads baskets of goods
  • 100% paperless
  • Big Data Analytics for continuous process refinement

The following benefits were achieved for the OEM

  • 360° networking throughout the entire value chain: real-time exchange with suppliers
  • Real-time availability of production-KPIs for all management levels
  • Fast and transparent communication between R&D and Production

Flexible, digital, efficient, and sustainable:

The Factory of the Future embodies the future of automotive production. Production volume, material flow, and the number of models produced – from conventional to plug-in hybrid and electric drive systems – can be integrated into series production in just a few days.


With a 25 percent increase in efficiency compared to previous assembly, it sets new standards in the car industry.

Insight6_Case Study_Digital Strategy_Facoty of the future

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