How to build profitable Supply Chain Resilience

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Resilient supply chains are most wanted these days. However, it‘s not only the resilience itself that is desired and hard to achieve. Resilience bought with less profitability is affecting competitiveness. We have developed an approach to make supply chains resilient under economic aspects.

Cruciality of supply chain resilience - How to avoid burning profitability

Companies nowadays are facing a huge range of external risks, potentially disrupting their supply chains. Natural disasters, geopolitical conflicts, supply chain accidents, as well as cyber attacks have massively increased and interrupted production plants around the globe. Some of those events could have been avoided, others mitigated. Nobody knows which event is occurring next, but companies must be aware and prepared for all kind of risks to ensure future competitiveness and to avoid burning profitability.

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Lack of transparency – companies are flying blind in their supply chain

TC project experiences show, that even if potential risks are known, most companies fail to avoid and mitigate them. Key success factor and starting point to establish resilience, is creating a deep transparency about the entire supply chain up to the refinery or mine. This is where the majority fails

WHAT are the relevant supply chain elements? (suppliers, customers)

WHERE are the identified supply chain elements? (production locations, warehouses, …)

HOW are the elements connected to each other?


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A structured and fact-based approach is required to manage resilience

Major threats to supply chains are widely unknown. Fundamental core issues are to be addressed – coherent and fact-based

  1. How exactly does the supply chain network look like?
  2. What is the existing risk exposure?
  3. What are appropriate measures to avoid/ mitigate risks?
  4. How should strategic SC resilience be setup in the organization?
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Boost your resilience and improve your future readiness!

With leading companies in the automotive industry we have applied and implemented a proven, straight forward concept that improves both, resilience and profitability.

Three major steps are necessary

  1. Holistic 360°-Transparency
  2. Tangible Results
  3. Strategic Playbooks
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Our deliverables are your benefits

We foster our client‘s business in a holistic way – from analytics to strategic anchoring.

  • Creating supply chain transparency at the relevant spots
  • 360° risk overview in a customizable dashboard
  • Application of best practice measures
  • Integration of relevant resilience elements in the organization to ensure long term success, also during supply chain crisis

Our success is proved by client examples with measurable and tangible results.

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