Digitalization Trend Radar for an insurance company


The insurance industry is affected heavily by trends coming from digitalization and technology. It is relevant from two perspectives: a) having a clear view of the risk to be insured, and b) also seeing business opportunities for themselves and their clients.

The client was facing the following challenges

  • Many digitalization trends happening at the same time
  • Uncertainty of disruptive potential for established business
  • Undefined application potential of new technologies

This is how the challenge was faced

  • Screening relevant digital technologies
  • Distinction between short-, mid-, and long-term impact potential
  • Drafting existing and future use cases
  • Market screening of existing leaders and promising start-up companies

The following results were achieved

  • Development of digitalization trend radar – from 2020 to 2030
  • Overview of existing and future use cases with impact estimation (e.g. bottom-line, topline)
  • Listing of technology leaders in promising digitalization trend areas

Transforming upcoming technology trends into business value

Insight3_Case Study_Digital Stragedy_Trend Radar

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