Digital product- and service universe


A consumer electronics company and market-leader in a special communication segment, lacking a strategy to establish products beyond its current market, as well as needing to create a universe of new products and services to generate additional, recurring revenues.

The client was facing the following challenges

  • A shrinking market
  • Increasing competition from dominant consumer device companies
  • Lacking a value proposition to leverage additional product- and design expertise
  • Lacking an approach to generating additional revenues from digital services

This is how the challenge was addressed

  • Conducting comprehensive market- and competitor analysis for the consumer electronics industry
  • Defining the "life worlds" of customers and corresponding customer journeys
  • Developing the “right to play” of CE companies in new market segments

The following results were achieved

  • The new designed “consumer electronics universe” – addressing new digital products and services
  • A holistic roadmap, highlighting chronological stages of required product concepts, technical requirements and market needs
  • Redesigned CE strategy

Combining digital products and services within the “Consumer Electronic universe”

Insight4_Case Study_Digital Strategy_Product and Service Universe

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