Business segment analysis for a technology leader

Case Study

Increasing standardization in the vehicle industry triggers scaling-up of component solutions and thus drives commercial benefits. Market share in turn, becomes key to sustaining economic viability. TSETINIS - EFESO was hired by a vehicle safety solution leader to re-evaluate its business position for growth and profitability.

The outset in brief

  • Significant loss of market share across global sales regions
  • Proliferation of product portfolio to offset market share issues
  • Dramatic increase in CAPEX to maintain production level setup
  • Trailing margins against industry leaders

At crossroads between sales growth or profitability increase

Initial stress tests on key business assumptions led to the formulation of working hypotheses, followed by a task grid to reach a solid formulation of perspectives. Crucial to the realignment of established strategic positions is a deep understanding of the current industry environment. As a result, a revision of current strategic planning for the upcoming business period was achieved, followed by the launch of a global transformation program.

Strategy planning revised

  • Pricing for key product segments refined
  • Tactical elements for price positioning introduced
Market perspective
  • Overall market view refined with latest macro data by region
  • Market development scenarios aligned
  • Peer group dynamics classified showing clear trends
  • Performance points defined for strategic roadmapping

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