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Disruption is commoditizing brands, products, and services across industries. The only way to grow, stay relevant, and compete, will be to innovate at speed. For some organizations, that will be a completely new activity. For others, it will require major adjustments to current operating approaches. Our experience shows that one of the key challenges is coming up with an answer for digitalization – both from a bottom-line and a topline perspective.


Are you on a successful digitalization journey?

Many companies are still struggling with digitalization because they do not realize that it is not only about technology, but also about transforming the business approach, the operating model and the incentivization of people. Yet new revenues from innovative business models and efficiency gains can be utilized to offer more competitive prices – or increase the spend in innovation.

Overview and belief

Setting up the right strategy is more important than ever –even in disruptive times and within fast-changing environments. Therefore, we always build digital innovation and portfolio management aspects into our projects – to do the right things. Fast and profitable.




Setting your course for a sustainable future. We know how to secure your existing business and explore new opportunities that will successfully expand your current footprint.

Digital Innovation


Digital Innovation

Leveraging the power of digitalization. We have a holistic overview of current and future (digital) technologies and their impact – to your company and the relevant industry landscape.

Portfolio Management


Portfolio Management

Reducing complexity by doing the right things. We pursue a proven approach to evaluating programs, projects, and activities. The right portfolio brings value and has leverage potential, e.g. across domains and regions.

Examples of our work and methods – get your food for thought!

The following selection enables a deep dive into examples of our capabilities and offerings that can be leveraged across sectors and geographies.


Case Study

Digitalization Strategy for mobility solution provider

Focus is king – especially if you pursue digitalization projects that can deliver immediate results. TSETINIS - EFESO helped a Tier 1 leader shoot at the right targets.



Digitalization Trend Radar for an insurance company

Keeping up with the latest tech trends is important. If you don’t, you might miss a chance to grow or even re-invent your business, while you secure your current value proposition at the same time.



Digital product- and service universe

Communications and entertainment products provide a higher benefit when they are interconnected. See how a manufacturing company created a product ecosystem.

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Working with the most qualified TSETINIS-EFESO Consultants is key to your success.


Speak with an expert in your industry who can help you move your company toward your specific goals. We implement our expertise in a very specific and targeted way and tailor the choice of methods to your individual requirements. In this way, we can ensure your long-term success.


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