xmas_stage (ben-wicks-iDCtsz-INHI-unsplash_be.jpg)
xmas_stage (ben-wicks-iDCtsz-INHI-unsplash_be.jpg)

Tsetinis Consulting

We. Succeed. Together.

Every step counts – our donation for the German children’s aid campaign

2021 proved once again

Even in challenging times, we can do anything if we work together!
We at Tsetinis Consulting were able to experience this spirit during our project work in
Ahrweiler, Germany, where we helped to repair the damage caused by the
disastrous flood – and we want to continue to embrace this spirit in the future!

Together we have made it! In total we have run 5,000km.
100% done
Thanks to your active support, we have reached our goal of €25,000.

All the dedicated helpers who have participated in our event

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