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Top professionals with years of experience, deep insights and a clear vision for performance optimization. At Tsetinis Consulting, you meet senior advisors who are at the top of their trade and know their business inside out.



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Leveraging Global Business Services in Automotive

Top-performing companies are getting real value out of Global Business Services. However, the automotive sector is lagging behind – there is still development potential to be leveraged. Let us show you how you can catch-up and benefit from best practice GBS. Fast.



End-to-End Inflation Management – How to boost Corporate Inflation Recovery

Financially pre-stressed automotive supply chain faces record inflationary pressures worldwide due to overall rising costs. The situation has deteriorated to such an extent that the existence of many Tier N suppliers is threatened. We know how to minimize the impact of inflation-related additional costs and to optimize your recovery ratio by using our proven approach.



Strategic Performance Improvement with Digitalization at its core

With the ongoing and accelerating industry transformation, securing profitability remains a challenge for traditional automotive OEM/Tier-1 manufacturer. Learn how digitalization can impact the P&L of Tier X manufacturers and what needs to be done to make performance improvement happen and stick.

23. Feb

Automotive markets with “pure BEV OEMs” such as Tesla and Chinese manufacturers on the one hand, and the gradual transformation of established OEMs like BMW, Mercedes, Audi or VW away from combustion engines towards BEVs on the other, are undergoing significant changes. This requires major adjustments in key areas such as "Aftermarkets" as the way on how "customer loyalty" can be ensured while sustainable margins are achieved will no longer be the same.   Those adjustments can be both - a curse and a blessing. A curse, if important developments are implemented too late or only half-heartedly. A blessing, if opportunities such as the professionalization of the customer experience, the AI-based use of vehicle data over-the-air or the application of innovative software solutions can be materialized.   Based on our experience, we see this as a great opportunity for Automotive players to open new horizons by:   - "Attacking upside potentials" by moving away from reactive to proactive mode - "Realizing bottom-line potentials" by optimization product- and logistics costs - "Personalizing operating models", by switching towards highly customized service offerings

2. Mar

The increasing complexity in the automotive industry requires new ways of working in engineering to meet rapidly growing requirements in terms of time-to-market, productivity, and maturity. ​ Today, organizations are still stuck in a “transformation jam” and suffer from rigid, inflexible, and fragile engineering systems.   We have seen many Target Operating Models (TOM) of automotive suppliers being by far too resource intensive, slow and costly. The future TOM emerges by mapping the demand with complexity & costs: We see three working models allowing individual adaptions to segments and tasks, to create the conditions for the new engineering environment meeting your budget, quality and timeline goals.

16. Mar

We did it again! We are happy to announce that Tsetinis Consulting scores TOP among Europe’s best and fastest growing Supply Chain consultancies – for the 5th consecutive year!   Based on the number of consulting projects completed, the market share by revenue for each specific area of advice, the size of the company and the degree of specialization the most successful consultancies in the space of "Supply Chain Management" across Europe have been selected.   Even with an ongoing war in Ukraine and sharply increasing inflation rates, Tsetinis Consulting has scored strong again and is aligned with well-known consultancies such as McKinsey, BCG, BearingPoint and Roland Berger. Scoring high across all levels, covering the full bandwidth from strategic-, operational- and tactical levels, is what makes us proud. You can find the whole article here   Want to find out more about our opinion on “Supply Chain Strategy, incl. Portfolio Management”, “Lean, Kaizen, Six Sigma & Process Optimization” up to “Sourcing, Outsourcing, Procurement”? Find more detailed information about us via and/or contact Martin Kruschel.   Great to be part of this. Great to be with Tsetinis Consulting. We. Deliver. Performance.


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ZF Group, Electrified Powertrain Technology Divison

“Tsetinis Consulting supported us in the total reworking of our digitalization strategy and organization. Throughout the project, TC contributed both subject matter expertise and a pragmatic, hands-on approach, thus contributing to the success of the project.”

Julian Fieres

Vice President
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ZF Friedrichshafen AG

“As a leader in mobility solutions, ZF has to provide next-generation automotive technology value. The end-to-end profitability framework installed by TC has helped ZF management identify key profitability levers in our product development and supply chain."

Markus Schwabe

Senior Vice President Electrified Powertrain Systems
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ZF North & South Americas

"Tsetinis Consulting supported me with the strategic planning for the Americas regions – Next Generation Mobility 2030. Their approach, commitment, outside-in thinking contributed to our final strategic outlook."

Neeta Salvi

CFO, SVP Finance and Head of Strategy
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ZF Friedrichshafen AG

“With the acquisition of WABCO, ZF is shaping the world’s largest supplier in the Transport and Commercial Vehicle market. Tsetinis Consulting has greatly supported us right from the beginning in structuring and orchestrating the integration.“

Dr. Andreas Brand

Chief Integration Management Officer
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NEXT e.GO Mobile SE

“Die Herausforderungen im Umfeld der Automobilindustrie zu meistern stellt gerade Start-Ups vor besondere Herausforderungen. Deswegen haben wir Tsetinis gewählt, um uns auf dem Weg der Realisierung zu unterstützen. Das Markt- und Produkt-Know-how, das Best-in-Class-Denken und die praktische Unterstützung haben uns sehr geholfen, die Herausforderungen des Marktes zu meistern! Ein wesentlicher Erfolgsfaktor war die Flexibilität seitens Tsetinis, abseits von etablierten Prozessen zu denken und so gemeinsam mit uns neue Wege zu beschreiten."

Dr. Stefan Rudolf, CEO and Theodor Determann, CFO & Mitglied des Verwaltungsrates


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